A Visit from BlogTO!

Hi There!

We were lucky enough to have everyone's favorite Toronto explorer; Deepa from BlogTO pay a visit to the studio last week!  She's great company and an absolute natural with the hot glass.  We did a bit of a crash-course in glassblowing before she headed off to her next Toronto adventure.  Thanks Deepa!  And thanks to your editor for not using the full clip of the glass pony I flubbed.  (Shhh, don't tell the other glassblowers!).  Keep an eye out for the lovely Lana Filippone blowing a massive glass bubble!


Ps: Everyone keeps asking: "Who are you wearing in the video? Who are you wearing?".  It's getting kind of old so I'll tell you.  The Seagull shirt is by blackhare apparel.  Blackhare is owned by my friend; talented illustrator and fellow glassblower; Nick Chase.  You can find it here along with all his other designs.  Now get of my back, fashion community!



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