Happy 2019!!!

Happy 2019 from Turnstyle Glass Studio!  It's been quite a while since my last post and honestly a pretty exhausting few months.  I've said it before but if I had known what a journey this shop would be, I might have held off on the website/blog but I consider it a useful record to be sure I never take any of this for granted.  It is far and away the biggest project I've ever been involved in and I'm so thankful to the people in my life that have helped me along when I've been bumping my head up against a dead end.
Recently I had been feeling a serious hitch in my momentum like a flame inside had gone out somewhere.  I was starting to have some major doubts about this place and whether I'd ever be able to get it operating the way I had always dreamed. The weight of it all was really starting to get on top of me. 
It was just in time that my friend John Adams came by the shop to lend a hand this past December!  He helped me re-light that fire both figuratively and quite literally!  After all this time sitting idle, I was unsure if these old furnaces would even still light without some major TLC.  As it turns out, these things are built to last!  John Helped me safely test the furnace and large glory hole.  The heat on my face brought so many memories back that had been buried under the stress of working toward this goal. Instantly I was re-energized and excited to get back to work making this the best studio I possibly can. Thanks John!
So good to feel the heat on my face again!
Who's got two thumbs and is a happy boy?
Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2019!

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