Side Hustle Part Two: Foodora

If you've been paying any attention to the studio via social media or otherwise this past year, you've noticed that things have come to a bit of a stand-still in terms of progress. The delays have been largely out of my hands which is frustrating but I feel as though things are back on track since the new year!

Lest anyone think I've been loafing in the interim I'm putting together a series of posts titled Side Hustle to illustrate what it takes to keep things afloat when the build doesn't go your way.

In this entry: What's Pink and Grey and Rides All Over?

If you've been out on the street in Toronto at some point in the past few years, chances are, you've seen us. If you tend not to leave your house in Toronto, you've almost DEFINITELY seen us. We are the few; the proud; the PINK. Of course I'm speaking of Foodora riders.

Foodora Winter Rider

Summer roolz, Winter sux... (Not me pictured)

For the uninitiated: Foodora is a food delivery company that utilizes bicycle couriers to provide services for restaurants all around the city. They started in Berlin and now operate Internationally. This includes a base here in Toronto.

My sworn enemy.  I'll bet he stole that bike. (JK!)

I started riding as a Foodora courier in early 2017 when it became clear that my wages at the auction house were not getting this glass studio built. I would work on setting up the displays at the house during the day and put in a few hours of riding on my way back home to the West end in the evening. It might sound tiring (it was) but it was a relief after a stressful day at my "regular job"

Not me pictured I just dig this guy's style.

Before long, I found I was losing weight, my chronic sore back was easing up and I realized I was actually making a lot more money (I swear they aren't paying me to write this) riding my bike and catching up on podcasts than I was at the other job! It was striking how many smiling faces I was seeing compared to the other place too.

These two look like they're up to something...Something Delicious!

As momentum has once again picked up with the studio build, my time spent downtown on two wheels has diminished but they have a very flexible scheduling policy. I plan to keep working for the Foodora team (for the exercise if nothing else) for as long as they'll have me. So don't be surprised if you see your friendly neighbourhood glassblower zooming down Queen st. in a hot pink jacket this Summer! And remember: Always tip your rider and check your damned mirrors before you open your car doors you maniacs!


NEXT TIME: "I Already Tried Something Else"

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  • Sandie

    Good luck with your pink outfits Clayton and $$$$$. Maybe consider some journalism. Keep on pedalling. It is not the destination, it is really the ride to get there!

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