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Throwback Tuesday (belated Pride edition): The One-Minute Hot Dog

Hi There! I hope everyone is recovering nicely from an amazing weekend of Pride: both national and otherwise.  I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone that organizes these amazing events and parties all across the city and invites us all to join in the fun.  Furthermore, a huge congratulations to all who have fought and continue to fight in order to make our city a safer place for everyone! Strolling down Church street on Friday I couldn't help but be reminded of this "cooking segment" I put together with some friends back when I was at Harbourfront Centre.  Not sure why that is... was probably all the penises. Love Wins!, -Clayton

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Throwback Tuesday: Pulling a Pony!

Hey There! Here a fun video from a few years ago when I was a Resident Artist at Harbourfront Centre here in Toronto.  I learned how to pull these traditional Venetian ponies back when I worked in Niagara Falls as an apprentice under Master Glassblower; Angelo Rossi.  Pulling a pony is seen by some as a bit of a rite-of-passage for a glassblower.  I wonder when Turnstyle Glassblowing Studio is up and running, if I'll still be able to do this!  Hopefully it's like riding a bike.  Enjoy!  Hey, it's my birthday today!   -Clayton

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Throwback Tuesday: My Time at Harbourfront Centre

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some older video content that I produced during my time at Harbourfront Centre's Glassblowing Studio.  I feel blessed to have been able to spend those years surrounded by creative colleagues that eventually became close friends.  I would highly suggest any creative professional consider applying for a residency down there as there is no place quite like it.  The support that they showed (and continue to show) me has been vital in my creative career.  I was sad to leave but honored to be asked to speak at their annual Viva Vocé event back in 2012.  Click below to see the video!  It's in two parts.   Have a great week! -Clayton

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